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Bright copper cyanide electrolyte for alkali coppering; high power of penetration at low current density, half-bright and evenly thick copper coating.

Excellent resistance to corrosion, especially in the cavities of the treated parts.

Galvanic nickeling will basically protect from atmospheric corrosions or used for improved look.

A few micron thick coating is obtained electrolytically by nickel salts and suitable polishing additives.

Coppering shall first be applied, when stronger adhesiveness (protection) is required.

A chemical oxidation processing of the surface, to obtain different hues like blue, green, black, etc.

Generally, this processing has no other purpose, yet can also be the base for special further treatments.

It can also be considered as alternative to metal electrolytic blackening for antique processing.

Essentially as decoration. Cyanidric electrolyte for bright brass coating, with copper/zinc in a ratio of approx 70 to 30.

Ductile yellow coating with good penetration and low inside stress.

Cromolord executes also the following manufacturings:
Ureic stones for fine and even grinding by removing sharp edges and any waste from Zamak parts.
Under high mechanical stress, a steeled mechanical part will be less breakable.
Endothermic reaction, subject to certain working factors ( temperature and duration ), removes hydrogen, which is then retained by the steel under electrolytic treatment.
Cromolord can get back the treated parts already packed in weight and/or in quantity predefined, ready for next logistic storage, in standard or custom package provided by the customer, ensuring the quality of the service.
Generally used on bright brass-plated parts against atmospheric corrosion; coating obtained by immersion in water or nitrocellulose paint, followed by centrifugal drying.
Final tests and checks stand for top quality of the treatment, viz. highest protection of the treated parts.